Book Review: The Chrysalis

The Story The Chrysalis, by Brendan Deneen, begins with an introduction of young couple, Tom and Jenny Decker. They are millennials, and like many young people in the city, find themselves unable to afford the rent in their New York apartment. They decide to uproot their lives and buy a house in New Jersey, which... Continue Reading →


Film Review: Love Me Not

Beware of spoilers below! The Story Love Me Not begins with a rather intriguing gathering of guests. These guests are dead, killed in a variety of ways and propped up at a dinner table. A blood-covered woman in a gown, Jenny, walks among them, passing out black roses. We quickly find out that one of... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Ten

The Story Meg and her best friend are invited to an exclusive house party on Henry Island, off the coast of Seattle. It is supposed to be a weekend they will never forget. But, when some of the partygoers begin to die in mysterious ways, it quickly becomes apparent that they are trapped on the... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Grip of It

The Story The Grip of It, by Jac Jemc, begins when Julie and James, a young couple who wants to leave the city life for a more suburban setting, buy a house as a hope for a new start. James, recovering from a gambling addiction, is eager to put the sins of the past behind... Continue Reading →

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